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Architect Journey

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We wanted to use tradespeople who were small businesses.  Rob had come across an architect through work and decided to use him. In September 2006 Matt had his first visit to the house, discussed our plans and measured the house.  We were advised we would have draft plans within 2 months. 2 months came and went with us waiting for our plans.  We finally received draft plans, made our amendments and waited for the new version. December turned into January and then February.  Matt had lost his passion for his job and it was time to cut our losses and seek another architect.

In the beginning

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It started with the purchase of our house back in March 2006.  It was a sellers’ market and we were ready to purchase our house sight, or is that site?, unseen.  Maybe it is too early to start with the house puns. We hired our first architect towards the end of 2006 and allowed ourselves 18 months before starting the build.  Plenty of time.  Like they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Nothing could be further from the truth when doing an owner builder project – in fact any renovation project.  I soon learnt that this is the building industry.