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Engineer Quotes

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After 1 year of working with the architects we have finally got our Council Planning Approval. Rather than just sitting around and waiting for Council Approval I have already commenced work on obtaining quotes from structural engineers.  This is where the project schedule, you can obtain from the Resource section, pays off as I was able to look ahead and continuing working. We were recommended an engineering firm by our site survey firm.  I phoned different engineering firms and sent off three emails along with copies of the plans and now to wait for the...

Council Rejection Letter

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Received a very official letter from the Council three weeks ago rejecting our plans on quite a number of points.  Most of the points were relating to issues that do not comply with the Residential Codes.  I was quite annoye at our architect as I would have thought he would have advised us on this.    In any event over the past three weeks I have worked through all the issues, haven’t had to change anything in our plans and now received Council planning approval. If you are interested in learning the methods I used to obtain planning approval further details can be found in...