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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

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Over the past month we had been pulling down the old alfresco area.  We had about 2 football fields of pavers or at least that is how it felt.    I placed the following advert online “Pavers for sale.  $120 for 30sqm.  Must pick up.  Help will be provided.” Here I was on a Saturday morning, with this couple helping me pick up the pavers and paying me $120!  The great thing about a renovation there are some great ways to make money from the items you no longer require.  I just wished that someone had told me of the ways earlier.  For a detailed list, of the items in the...

We are moving out

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We are moving out Read More

The day is finally here, we are moving out and the hard work is about to begin.  Of all the dates that will stick in my head it is this date – 28 April 2009.  I did…. for about 10 seconds….. think about living in the house whilst the renovations were occurring but given:- the roof was coming off; there was no kitchen; and oh…it was winter I quickly came to my senses and we moved out.  We were fortunate we had a rental property which was vacant and we were able to move into it.  Whilst we would have to pay two mortgages, it still took the pressure off a little in...

Time to start getting quotes

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My energy was high with the next phase of the Owner Builder Journey upon me – obtaining the quotes.  It took about 3 months to get in the quotes for the main trades:- demolition of old extension; bob cat to clear the site; concrete pad; bricklayer; electrician; carpenter; plumber; and roof plumber. I have phoned and meet  with about 5 tradespeople for each major task and this doesn’t include obtaining quotes for the materials.  There is a lot of work in this phase and I was conscious of the fact I need to get it right to ensure I stayed within my budget.  More information...