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Retaining Wall

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We wanted the new extension to match the old part of the house.  The old house is on limestone blocks so we did limestone blocks for the rear extension.  Our bricklayer advised that we would be better off getting someone who specialised on limestone blocks.  After waiting for 2 weeks we finally got the retaining wall up and the site can move on.  This was another lesson learnt in making sure you do things in the right order and more information on this can be found in Our Owner Builder...

The Plumber: A Crappy Job

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Just when I though the site was moving along smoothly along came the plumber with attitude.  I had given the plumber a copy of the final plans prior to him doing the prelay.  After he had finished for the day I was checking the pipes and noticed there was one pipe missing.  I phoned the plumber and left a message.  The next morning at 7:00am there was me, trying to break the news gently without sounding like a know-it-all, and the plumber yelling down the phone at me.  He was going away on holidays in 3 days and my news was the last thing he wanted to hear.

An Unexpected Expense

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Completed a very detailed budget?  Don’t need a contingency fund?  Know all the costs?  Think again.  Search shows renovation projects overrun  on average by around 12%. This trench, which took me about 2 hours to dig, was one of my unexpected expenses.  The electricity to the old house was an overhead wire from the electricity pole to the house roof.  The Council, as part of their building approval, had set certain criteria and one of them was that the electricity had to go underground. $2,000 later and nothing to see for my money – the electricity cable was buried.   ...

Down Comes Garage, Baby and All…

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The demolition team were the first ones on site, well the first paid tradespeople.  Within five days the garage and the rear extension had been pulled down and taken away.  We could have saved some money and pull down some of the garage ourselves however the sides had been made out of asbestos sheets and it really did require experts in this field.  When you look at the protective gear they wear there is no way I would handle it myself – I just didn’t have the knowledge or experience to do it right.