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Scaffolding Goes Up

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After a couple of days delay by the scaffolding company they arrived on site today and the scaffolding started. I experienced today the dislike between the people on the ground and those in an office.  The scaffolding company advised that in order to erect the scaffolding for the 2nd storey today however my architect had advised we would be in a position to keep all the ceilings downstairs.

Getting Stuck In

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One of the things with being an Owner Builder and on a renovation build rather than a new build is that there are these odd jobs that are difficult to get someone in to do.  As part of the renovations we were removing the old kitchen and a wall.  This opening is the entrance to the new extension.

Steel Mesh Arrives

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It has been a week of getting material delivered and the steel mesh for the rear slab has arrived and placed on the front verge.  The site is very full and looking forward to next week.  My project schedule has come into its own this week and worked really well.  The site moved along this week and I was able to get quite a lot completed  – delivery of a number of materials along with getting work completed by trades.

Scaffolding Arrives

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The bits and pieces which make up the scaffolding were delivered to the site today.  My carpenter said that the site would be tight in terms of availability for materials.  He was right – the front yard is very full now.    It will take the team approximately 2 days to set it all up and they are due on site next week.

Rear slab is underway

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Having spent a lot of time on the project schedule and ensuring the tradespeople were on site shortly after the last one had left the site is moving along.  Today the whacker (I love the name of this trade – I might put it on my next immigration form!) appeared on site to compress the soil ready for it to be framed up and the cement to poured in.