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Owner Builder Book Volume 1 – Our Journey

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One of the major talking points of the 2012 London Olympics was how so many venues had empty seats. The 2016 Rio Olympics team are learning great lessons from London’s organization of the Games and are promising to tackle the problem of empty seats by trying out a new alert system. Your Owner Builder Project is no different and by using lessons learnt from other projects you will save time and money. COMING IN FEBRUARY 2013 – A book with over 100 tips and lessons learnt.  Learn how I dealt with:- our feasibility study; obtaining meaningful quotes; negotiating a better price; when...

Owner Builder Book Volume 2 – Being an Owner Builder

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The owner builder journey needs to start with educating yourself on all aspects.  Part 2 provides you with all the information about being an owner builder including, but not limited to:- your legal responsibilities; insurances you require; licenses you require; building industry information; courses you will need to attend; the role of each tradesperson; and skills you will need to develop to run your project successfully. COMING SOON….

Owner Builder Book Volume 3 – Step by Step Guide

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To run a successful owner builder it is about implementing good project management methodology which provides you with the tools to help you keep control over the materials and tradespeople to ensure everything happens in the right sequence and in a timely manner.   Volume 3 provides you with a step by step guide and gives you the knowledge to run your Owner Builder Project as a professional Project Manager.