About me

Being born in Scotland and with Scottish blood there is always a drive to save money or rather a drive not to spend money.  And this, along with the challenge, is what drove me to become an owner builder.

Having worked the majority of my life in the IT industry I have been involved in a lot of projects but nothing to this extent in terms of renovating property.  Had previously owned an old house  and carried out renovations but these were very minor: painting, pulling up carpets, pulling down patios, putting in gardens.

What was I thinking then in terms of taking on this job?  Well there are  two train of thoughts in terms of being a project manager.  One you need to know the industry and another being  your job is to project manage with your team being the experts.   I didn’t know the industry but I certainly did at the end and I put the knowledge I have obtained through my project management qualifications into good use.

So welcome to the Owner Builder Support site – it is a great journey and one you will enjoy.   If there is one piece of advice I would give at this point is:

Don’t listen to those that say you cannot do it!  Educate yourself and then you decide.


Anita Duncan
PRINCE2 Practitioner
PMP (Project Management Professional)
Advanced Diploma in Project Management.