Owner Builder Book Volume 1 – Our Journey

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Owner Builder Book Volume 1 – Our Journey

One of the major talking points of the 2012 London Olympics was how so many venues had empty seats. The 2016 Rio Olympics team are learning great lessons from London’s organization of the Games and are promising to tackle the problem of empty seats by trying out a new alert system.

Your Owner Builder Project is no different and by using lessons learnt from other projects you will save time and money.

COMING IN FEBRUARY 2013 – A book with over 100 tips and lessons learnt.  Learn how I dealt with:-

  • our feasibility study;
  • obtaining meaningful quotes;
  • negotiating a better price;
  • when the product delivered is not of standard; and
  • dealing with challenging tradespeople’s.

Owner building is very rewarding however it is also very stressful.  I have watched other owner builders not doing everything they can to be fully prepared for their journey.  They struggle through it, put themselves under a huge amount of stress and have seen others not being able to finish their build and having to hand it over to a licensed builder causing them extra expense.

Don’t make the same mistake:

  • Educating yourself on the journey ahead;
  • Obtain the tools and schedule you need for the project; and
  • Use lessons learnt from previous Owner Builder projects;

Save time and money


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